Appearance Protection

Keep your car looking new for years to come.

The beauty of
Appearance Protection

Whether you want to preserve the natural beauty of your car or its value, SecureDrive Appearance Protection provides you with a wide range of options to face life’s mishaps with peace of mind.

Services to maintain the appearance of your vehicle1

Minor dent removal

We’ll use the least intrusive method to remove minor dents on your vehicle while retaining the beauty of its original paint finish.

Interior protection

We’ll help keep the interior of your vehicle in showroom condition by providing services that will remove most stains and repair most fabric, leather and vinyl surfaces.

Front windshield repair

You can’t always avoid that rock chip on your windshield. We’ll improve the safety and performance of your windshield with services that will remove chips and other damage to your windshield caused by road hazards.

Head and tail light repair

We’ll provide services to repair damaged head lights and/or tail lights caused by road hazards to keep you going at any time of the day and night.

Tire and wheel repair

Because vehicle handling and safety is a must, we’ll provide services that will repair your tires and wheels. This includes removal of cosmetic damages on your wheels caused by accidental curb scuff during routine parking maneuvers.Benefit limit² (curb scuff repair): 2 events at $400 each

Key and keyless remote exchange service

We’ll exchange your keys and keyless remotes, reprogram them or provide new batteries, at no additional cost, so you don’t find yourself locked out of your car.Benefit limit²: 2 exchanges per term for a value of up to $1,000.

Car rental benefit

Always have a ride. Car rental is included for any eligible Appearance Protection request for services.

Typical repair costs

Keeping your car looking like new can be costly. Below are some common repairs and how much they can cost:

These amounts are average only. Repair costs may vary based on vehicle make and model, and on the severity of the damage.

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Tire and Wheel Protection

Best suited for those who look for optimal handling and safety of their car.

Covers tire, wheels and curb scuff damages.

Appearance Protection

Perfect for those who want inside-out protection to keep every inch of their car in tip top condition.

Covers damages to the interior and exterior of the vehicle, from fabric stains to windshield chips.

Additional optional services for added peace of mind1

Front windshield upgrade

Not all windshield damage is safe and appropriate to repair. This upgrade will get you up to one additional windshield if we can’t provide services to properly repair.

Tire and wheel upgrade

For replacement of unrepairable tires and/or wheels, choose this optional upgrade.

Benefit limit²: $5,000 per term or vehicle value if lower.

Roadside assistance upgrade

Travel with confidence knowing that we’ll be there to provide assistance if you get stuck on the side of the road.

Benefit limit²: $175 per event.

Benefits from day one

Transferable to next owner

You may transfer the remaining term of your Appearance Protection contract to another private purchaser.

30-Day money back guarantee

You may cancel Appearance Protection for a refund within 30 days of your contract purchase date.

Extensive coverage network

Appearance Protection offers coverage within Canada and the continental United States.

No deductible

No deductible will apply during the contract term for any covered benefits, except if you are using your vehicle for light commercial use.

Protected for up to the value of your vehicle

The maximum cumulative limit for the duration of your contract is equal to the price you paid for your vehicle (subject to any per request limits).

Financing options available

Ask to include Appearance Protection in your finance or lease contract, or pay in separate installments.

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  1. Damage due to collision and vandalism is excluded. Please refer to contract for complete coverage details and other exclusions.
  2. All amounts are inclusive of taxes.