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Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Loan Protection, Anti-Theft Protection, and Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

SecureDrive provides the additional coverage you’re looking for so you can enjoy worry-free vehicle operation. Whether you own or lease, SecureDrive has numerous customizable coverage options designed to match your driving habits and ownership period. Protect yourself from the unexpected by choosing SecureDrive Protection Products today.

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Our Products

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

SecureDrive Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) is designed to safeguard you from unexpected repair costs.

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Prepaid Maintenance

SecureDrive Prepaid Maintenance is a convenient and affordable way to cover the cost of the service maintenance for your new vehicle.

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Excess Wear Use Waiver

SecureDrive Excess Wear and Use Waiver will ease your lease-end experience with a waiver that will take care of common wear and tear damages to your vehicle.

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Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

SecureDrive Vehicle Loss Privilege Program (VLPP) assists you with the purchase of a replacement vehicle in the event of a vehicle loss.

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Anti-Theft Protection is a vehicle theft deterrent system designed to help deter potential thieves from stealing a vehicle, and provides consumer benefits in the event of a covered loss.

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Loan Protection

Loan Protection provides life, critical illness, loss of employment, and disability coverage when it’s needed most.

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      How to file a claim for Mechanical Breakdown Protection

      In the event of an applicable breakdown, making a claim with SecureDrive Mechanical Breakdown Protection is fast, simple and worry-free. SecureDrive has an experienced and dedicated claims team to ensure your occurrence is processed efficiently.

      Emergency Repairs – If an emergency breakdown occurs which requires a repair to be made while LGM Financial Services Inc. (the Administrator) office is closed, you must contact LGM Financial Services Inc. within the next available business day of the date of repair. If covered, payment will be made for the repair less any deductible(s).

      How to file a claim

      1. Take the vehicle to a Licensed Repair Facility – Take your vehicle to the dealer that issued your policy/contract whenever possible. If not possible, an alternative repair facility may perform necessary repairs.
      2. Provide The Repair Facility with a Copy of Your Policy/Contract and or Policy/Contract Number.
      3. Pay Any Applicable Deductible(s) – Payment will be made to you or the repair facility for the cost of work performed on the unit that is covered by your policy and previously authorized, minus any deductible(s). For instances where you shall be reimbursed, all repair orders, documentation, and receipts must be submitted to LGM Financial Services Inc. (the Administrator) within 30 days to be eligible for payment.

      To initiate a claim the DEALER should follow these steps:

      1. Request the customer’s PPM Contract number or VIN number.
      2. Verify what maintenance is due, based on the recommendations as outlined in the owner’s manual.
      3. Create an estimate for the required maintenance. Provide a copy to the customer.
      4. We recommend you submit claims using our online claims submission portal. Log into the online claims submission portal using your unique log in information at lgmhub.ca, or
      5. Alternatively, you may contact the National Claim Centre by telephone;

      Telephone toll free: 1-866-287-6200

      Hours of Operation
      Monday to Friday from 7:30am – 7:30pm EST
      Saturday from 9am – 6pm EST

      How to file a claim for Loan Protection

      SecureDrive has a National Claims Centre that understands the sensitivity that comes with making a claim for loan protection. 

      To initiate a claim, contact the administrator at 1-866-287-6218, or Co-operators at 1-855-587-8595


      Please be aware claims must be submitted within 90 days of the date of occurrence. All claims are reviewed and adjudicated by the underwriter.

      How to file a claim for Anti-Theft

      In the event your vehicle is stolen, making a claim with SecureDrive Anti-Theft Protection is simple and hassle-free. SecureDrive has a committed national team of Claims Representatives assigned to process your claim with the assurance that the experience will be handled with care.

      *Note: SecureDrive Anti-theft Protection is not available in Québec.

      How to file a claim

      1. File a Police Report – You must file a report with police within three days of the date of loss of your vehicle.
      2. File a Loss Report – You must file a loss report with your insurance provider for the theft of your vehicle within three days from the date of loss.
      3. Contact the Administrator – You must report to LGM Financial Services Inc. the loss of your vehicle within thirty days of the date of loss. You will be asked to provide a copy of your police report and insurance claim. If your vehicle is recovered within thirty days from the date of loss please file your claim within sixty days from the date of loss. If your vehicle is unrecovered within thirty days from the date of loss or declared a total loss by your insurance provider, please file your benefit claim within sixty days from the date of loss.

      For Claims Assistance please contact the Administrator Claims Line at 1-866-287-6200.
      Call 1-855-587-8595 for Loan Protection.

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      The peace of mind SecureDrive extended warranty products provide doesn’t stop with covering costly repairs. Our customer service and claims teams are ready to help.

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